Previous Missions Week Figures need to be written up and posted

Dear Readers,

As a longsuffering Researcher of God TV I have sat down days and weeks of dreary boring Missions Weeks -which have degenerated into Months..and confusion on God TV’s part as to what to do next-in order to log the running totals of above.

As a result I have some juicy figures, the facts not fiction of true MW performance and dear precious Viewer a Big God Bless you it isn’t a pretty picture.

In fact you could deduce that God TV is in serious financial trouble compounded by Rory Alec’s inability to actually live within his means and actually face facts-a fact that is shared by Cross Rhythms and Message to Schools about their true financial situation and what we the poor hapless and helpless Viewer are forced to endure as a result of extremely hard sell on the aforementioned.

As a viewer of limited and selected Christian TV (Childrens Programes, RTV, Rmusic minus overemphasis on Gospel; limited Preachers and Magazine progs) I feel sick with wonder at the prayerless parade of ugliness set before me which and whom I am supposed to sacrifice for ‘by the Spirit’


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