Missions Week announced for 2nd to 10th March 2007

Normally I believe MW’s occur in April to coincide with the end of the Financial Year.

I predict large figures   requested which are as usaul not a result of listening to God who reads Audiences £3-4m based on the rare occasion when this happened?

Predicted Targets 

India keep Office going.

Plymouth IP Broadcast and Studio State of the Art equipment.

Israel Studio and Office in Prime Location costing an absolute fortune.

(Rory Alec complaining that Israel was expensive but is quite happy for viewers to bail him out for his studio which still needs 4 /5th paid for at £500.000 a time.

Hired Film Crews for GTV.

Camera Costs per location.

Cost of running Prayer lines now onstream to rescue Ministry. Push comes to shove when you have problems caused by Ministry and get the predicted deleted email, then you wonder Dear Church Leader if this Blog is true and not lying and genuinely concerned for you and your Flocks interest.

Mental health perhaps?

IHOP costs maybe attempts to bear some of the costs with extravagant costs for in House offerings (IHOP Blog and ministry  lifestyle changes imposed on IHOP’ers who have no voice in case they have not realised as IHOP descends into yet [more] authoritarianism.

Staff Costs Bo Sander joins Johnny Woodrow in Special Projects. Budget not specified but expect maxed out Credit Cards, free movements etc.

Distribution Staffs have doubled ditto (the vile Simone Jacobson and   other chap who is eqaully vile)

Difficulties in Unknowns forced on you by God Tv and its Joyner theologies in action walking the talk.(thank you Chris Cole!)

Cross Rhythms of course in Stoke on Trent.

Financial Policy Spend whilst in red income does not eqaul expenditure. Ghosts God TV not willing to face their lack of popularity amongst the Christian Public especially in UK.

GTV LIVE Broadcasts at £70.000 a pop plus an awful lot of control when Ron Luce slot is on.

Stoke up HK and China Audience they had to fight for THREE MONTHS to get Contract renegotiated.

Satellite Providers as per usaul global expansion proceeds regardless of income.


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