Unexpected Successes and Achievements of this Blog

  1. A Major Christian Newspaper wants to see Research.Actual name of. I freak out but I haven’t heard anything. Might follow up with a Call.
  2. A national TV Station has contacted me. Leadership got involved but it didn’t go ahead.
  3. Seriousness of those contacting me is on par with Harvestnet a key request of mine. One expects the usaul range of verbal abuse, prophetic curses and threats etc it is part of the package.
  4. A key person in life wants to know about my theology as he is a Church Leader. This is a compliment and a half.

I never went out for this it happened because I believe my Research is top qaulity and it’s highly original.

Most important God TV has adjusted behaviours in light of this Blog. They will deny this but now

  1. They do the LIVE thing (Revelation TV gives God tV kick up the arse well overdue)
  2. Against all odds is a free book with donation to compete against Blogland.
  3. God tV has Blog strategy in addition to Goodges Machieviellian politiking.
  4. Mark Goodge has gone quiet online as a result. I expose his dismantling of UK Hiearchy and power games on USENET.Why he thinks I want anything to do with him puzzles me.
  5. Goodge has UK Christian Religion around his little finger what you wont get is true debate on Christian issues it is all bless god tv cross r joyner etc. Well I did they stop FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND EXPRESSION DIDN’T I???

Goodge has reduced posting online. Anyway he is a member of so many Forums and newsgroups plus USENET Government that well he mustnt be found out. Perhaps…


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