God TV reads this Blog!!

Anonymous | IP:

You seem to want to say that “majority rules” but don’t want to actually say it.

I don’t think that’s how truth works.


I know you are operating from God TV HQ in Sunderland as I have done various DNS on it. There is about 3 of you Crayola

Additional Note

God TV has put itself in my Plaxo Contacts list as has Mark Goodge. Cam and Steve are still there but in denial mode. God TV is in denial mode but I am no longer surprised or hurt.

They will deny it bad mouth me etc.

I now am expectant on the rather boring prophetic curses threats in song form plus aggressive emails.

Trouble is like Harvestnet I have had support real genuine honest to goodness SUPPORT from real people in real distress who I have to protect.


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