So I’m including stuff EXCLUDED from Against all odds (Citation needed) which I find out gets rewritten every few years on a rolling basis by Wendy Alec.

Examples are on site of below.

Unravelling the Story of God TV is a difficult painful painstaking work taking many years and many tears. I wish I have never met them.



  1. To whom it may concern:

    I have been reading your blog and having great trouble picking up any coherent thoughts. Could you help me out by telling me the purpose of your blog and your concerns. That would help greatly.

    Another correspondent suggested a few changes to me on my Facebook account which I need to put into practice. I don’t want this Blog to be incoherent or my my purposes of blog to be unknown.

  2. Dear Steeno
    The Purpose of this Blog is to show the errors of God TV to the Family of God -and to God Tv for it’s own good.
    The lack of coherence comes from that fact that I live in Supported Housing and am trying to piece my thoughts together. About 2 years ago I broke every Rule God TV and Co put on me and prayed a Jacob prayer for them. The terrifying bit was asking God IF I AM RIGHT about XXXYYYZZZ then do xxxx yyy zzz. GOD DID IT.
    This Blog might inspire a repeat of that prayer only to extent that problems troubles and errors might be truly corrected and eliminated out of them and only by Gods legal back up.
    I do this Blog with the fear and terror of God I don’t want to offend God here. If I have to make known worldwide certain errors it is because there are many thousands affected in every nation,class,age,culture and they must be told.
    God TV behave like the MI5 everything they do is SECRET and the viewer does not know. By exposing dismantling and disbanding strategy amongst other things- I help the Church as the old Saints did- It is only by God’s enabling and mercy. A Blog like this is too serious not to have clout if God gives it.
    It is also to wake Rory and Wendy Alec and Co up from their slumber and to realise people DO watch their every step. Woe betide them if they betray the Flock the apple of God’s eye. This Blog therefore is to help viewers to WATCH AND SEE and save information gained on them and get into a position of strength where God TV has to account for its actions and not take it for granted that all they have to do is breathe and the viewers will come running with expensive costly support.
    nb The Alecs do’nt have any fundraising gift, or ability to read viewers. Any good Ministry is able to by Gods help raise funds prayer etc.
    I wish God TV was’t the way it is it HELL ON EARTH.
    It is also original research I hope will pay rich academic dividends.

  3. Re Prayer EN MASSE I would be delighted if the LORD gave me thousands millions? to pray FOR THEM and AGAINST THEM AGAINST THE ERRORS of the Ministry which harm so many of the worldwide Flock of God.
    I would be gob smacked if this happened as my heart also is breaking but it is easier to be vengeful than loving.

  4. This Blog is to complement Harvestnet whom the LORD led to rebuke them. This is to show how God TV is to be rebuked for misrepresenting Christ and is unworthy and unfit for purpose. This is not done lightly and borders on spiritual warfare ala Billy Graham praying for the harvest to come in at Crusades. It is exhausting. If God can USE it to help others I will be pleased if HE is glorified I am happier still.

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