NEWS FLASH: Bob Jones on Blueprint to Heaven says ‘We CLOSED THAT CHURCH BECAUSE’

Blueprint from Heaven Conference God TV

Bob Jones says ‘WE CLOSED THAT CHURCH BECAUSE THEY WERE GETTING IN THE WAY OF A MOVE IN THE CITY ..and ISRAEL so now ISRAEL issue is being used as a way to force the closure of Churches note FORCE see KCP Post earlier from Pastor Gruens report. Note the way the Kansas City Prophets Bickle** now Divisional Head for Prayer at God TV**Bob Jones, John Paul Jackson judged the Congregation/s (Gruen Report) and decreed that ICABOD the Lord had left the Church when He jolly well hadn’t, damaged caused and Note now how these KCP’s are mulling about in the high places of Joyner Land. Joyner never tells you who but it is Elijah List NAR without a shred of accountability apology or humility to the family of God.

I am posting it on the site to prevent God TV from editing it out as the whole world is gonna know. In Jesus name and with His protection.



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