Rory Wendy Alec, Chris Cole, Bob Weiner used to be ‘religious’ ie belong to local CHURCH congregation

Wendy Alec used to be ‘religious’ and go to Church, she was with CHRISTIANS (quickly changes tack), she backslid all the time, was put with a Christian Family (BTS repeat in Valentines week 2007), Rory Alec I think was religious I mean a Church member.

So did Bob Weiner I think Rick Joyner as well? The easy thing about the God TV lot is their social preferences are easy markers to spot the Movement ie the following:

  1. They are ex Church Members.
  2. They all have Jesus localised presence and take regular trips to the Third Heaven unlike us lesser mortals. (it probably is an Angel of Light Satan does a marvellous job decieving the elect)
  3. There are about four  private planes in possession (jesse duplantis year long campaign, Benny Hinn $2m campaign for a plane, mike murdock owns 2 cesnas)
  4. Word of Faith apostazing from UK local Church Scene ie WOFING one’s promises, no chance of feeling one’s feelings etc before the Lord or sin words HEALING AND MINISTRY AND PASTORAL CARE!!
  5. They are not Pastors good stations look after their viewers even if the stations are dodgey. You only have to watch and learn how to SEE.
  6. They all look at eachother and are positvely uncomfortable in the viewers presence prefering short periods and early exits.Alecs body language is edge of seat can’t wait for it to end.
  7. They hate RELIGION ie the Church.
  8. God Tv is THE Station to work if you want to see the Church mocked and laughed at David Aldous provides corkers for the viewers entertainment.
  9. The Clique aka insular cultural GHETTO defines the prophetic and they are ONLY comfy with their friends preaching etc and friends on TV etc. One is very blind if one does not notice this elementary fact.
  10. Words Body of Christ this means every single denomination every single Stream etc the whole shebang even the Pope must prostrate himself before their infernal majesties.
  11. Support is for Movement difficulties etc.

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