The Ten Commandments of God TV

The Ten Commandments of God TV Joyner Movement


Thursday, 15 February 2007

3:19:31 AM

  1. Thou shalt have no other TV Stations before God TV,Cross Rhythms, Joyner. thou shalt support all our friends, buy all our CD’s, purchase all our books, novels etc and thou shalt prefer us to any other Christian TV /Radio. It is we who rock, we who are THE NEW MOVEMENT and WE who God has empowered to disband and dismantle any Ministry or Church of any type that gets in the way of US/The Next Big Thing in Christendom globally.
  2. Thou shalt NOT take the Name of God TV Joyner Cross Rhythms Message to Schools in vain because Thou wilt be attacked quite viciously and subtlety by CMTV, Dream on TV Selection, Cross Rhythms Selection and CR Experience, our little poison arrows will zone in on the Target because God reveals to us the Offender/Offending Ministry/Church Leader/Broadcaster TV and Radio etc. We are in touch with ALL the TV and Radio Stations we are working in LURRRRRRRRRRVE (what’s happening at TWR infiltrator example? Does it look like trouble?) so you can’t get away from us. We are powerful at Greenbelt and other Festivals, we are everywhere. You take our Name in Vain and you gonna get it. Mark Goodge has your details too and he being Goodge Almighty has power to dismantle and disband awkward UK Hierarchies’, and cause merry Hell to those secular or Christian Groups by our fascist behaviours.
  3. Thou shalt not murder God TV. We aint capable of hearing GRIEF PAIN SUFFERING CRITICISM ETC and as a result persistent bad words and feelings will have catastrophic effects sending us flying.
  4. Thou shalt not commit adultery with Holidays, Sabbaths, or generally R-E-S-T, thou shalt be on duty 24-7 365 if thou art with thy Wife or caught indisposed thou shalt sacrifice orgasmic release for the Ministry. Thou shalt not compare us either with better managed Ministries who have Viewers who actually support with the heart and not because Murdock tells you that he has two planes.
  5. Thou shalt dominate hijack and possess Ministries that thou workest with cos they is in your hands. God has given you THE WHOLE WORLD THE WHOLE CHURCH (under no circumstances must humble submission to Agendas not your own EVER enter the Equation), thou shalt put New Errant’s onto Contact List to do Benny Hinn, Missions Weeks-Months Years, thou shalt undermine Church Leaders, Major Ministries etc. THOU SHALT REQUIRE OBESIENCE AND SUBMISSION AT ALL TIMES. Dissenters get Page Sixty Treatment as done by Prophet Joyner. Page Sixty must at all times be hidden from Ministries we work with.
  6. Keep the Sabbath time with God TV holy and do not wreck it with polluting Religion. We have overcome Religion we are not Religious. The Church is ridden with demons riding on Christians (Joyner) we  don’t have demons shitting on us. You do.
  7. Honour your Joyner and your God TV. They are your Mummy and Daddy and Thou shalt honour them then thou shalt live forever cos we aint threatened by you.
  8. You shalt not steal God TV ideas. Our way of doing things must not be adapted in wider Church ala your ministry. THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY OUR WAY. Criticising our ideas and their management is a non starter.
  9. You shalt not give false testimony about God TV Joyner, the following apply only. We are HOLY BLAMELESS PROPHETS APOSTLES TEACHERS PASTORS FIVEFOLDERS etc. We only hang with the best. We really receive 10’s of 000’s of emails instead of truthful up to a 100. We don’t exaggerate our statistics we can’t afford RAJAR or NIELSON Pat Robertson who bailed us out (Grace Media Citation on M Street purchase) and we refuse to acknowledge the figures issued by Satellite providers.
  10. For Sixth Day God TV rested and set the Commandments’ that thou shalt take thy Respite with God TV.



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