The Should-be-saved-but-tragic Errors-unable-to-be-lodged Series Post (1)

Membership at Church should have built them up, healed them and made them fit for purpose. Maybe this was an attitude problem on their behalf rather than ‘the Church’ (a frequently used metaphor used in a disparaging contemptous manner)

Instead they go their own way and go to Kenneth Hagins Church Rhema Bible College, WOF is entirely different from british way of nurturing spirituality that doesn’t compromise on challenges-so they WOF away their problems and difficulties rather than have healing and ministry and pastoral care for them. Rory and Wendy often don’t let grief etc be digested but before they are ready minister to the audience which is a terribly depleting practice.

Speaking of which only their mates can minister, Chris Cole watches  the TV Station he is part of creating (!) (wow I am impressed!) and UCB (Useless Cole Broadcasters) so you cannot minister, pray etc unless you a) do it their way according to them the Trustees has the way to pray to God over God tv and Movement (.’we are a Movement’ says Wendy Alec on one Missions week that wasn’t going to plan). So they have barriers to those invested with spritual authority who would take charge of their situation – a situation they really want to avoid at any cost-to command and rebuke out the numerous errors and misrepresentations for which they are responsible.

SALVATION = Church Church ALLOWED to minister to them. Wendy accepting Church has flaws and is doing best. TRAGEDY the  present set up of Speakers is a recipe for Disaster. Selling the Church for a penny just because of insecurity and hatred. SALVATION is Jesus ministering into hatred and rejection of Church Family, into insubordination, into inability to accept Church as it is whilst seeking to bring righteous change, Jesus right into relationships dimension preventing Clique thing arising which is the cause of so many problems and compromise.


Rory and Wendy Alec and Message to Schools and all mates don’t know or have gift of fundraising, they don’t understand the viewers, they presume on the viewers willingless to help them out. Because viewers have’nt played ball the deficit has widened more and more. Now it is a Killer knowing Rory Alecs propensity to spend money rather than have  savings because he is so afraid if he doesn’t the failure to expand beyond a certain point (small) will be made apparent.


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