Braveheart on new reduced hrs God TV Joyner says There needs to be an New Reformation

And folks I am proud to present our very own Reformers, ta ta Rick Joyner and his Friends: here we have Global Pronouncements for the Body of Christ not just area of competence and godly faithfulness be it local, national, or global as in Hillsongs case. I often imagine the God TV Joyner Movements persons as spinning small Globes on their tables. Man don’t you see we have Prophets to the Body of Christ! I don’t believe this is of God. Like Harvestnet or rather continuing from Harvestnet this group of Ministries and Movement is ripe for Rebuke. Body of Christ statements are dangerous causing inflated egos, bossy attitudes. If you observe Rory Alec and co you will always see ‘and all the Nations said AMEN!’ Amens are heavy shepherded out of persons who feel they have no choice.

Anyway The God TV Joyner Global Movement is about Correction supplying Prophets, Church planting via The Call, Global prayer movement via IHOP Bickle is now Departmental Prayer Head ( I prophesy an exodus from IHOP due to new Regime and the stresses and strains it imposes and a longing for 24-7-365 prayer as it oughta be and probably gagging of Dissidents and Malcontents as a form of reputation management and PR. Joyner is perfect for Chris Cole and co as REFORM OF THE CHURCH MEANS THEY ARE ON TOP AND THE CHURCH IS UNDERNEATH. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS THE CHURCH TO HAVE THE UPPER HAND: REBUKE, FORCE, COMMAND OR TAKE PROPHETIC AUTHORITY ALL THEIR SITUATION.

I prophesy if God will back me up I believe they are in deep deep trouble not only financially (we don’t want you to notice beloved viewer!) but especially prophetically by selling the Church to the dogs. That is NO way to run a ministry and as the IHOP blog said all eyes are on them.

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