Church Leaders and Members: How to recognise Burdens they put on us and Burdens in souls of God TV Joyner Staffers

  1. The Clique the fewness Churches featured on God TV ads because they are Joyner fans BURDEN IMPOSED too little funding from Advertising cos God TV are too busy judging godly ministries of ‘the Church’ as not being fit for purpose.
  2. The Clique means only if we know you will we have you on TV means everlasting burden to have to know people means FRIENDS ONLY FEATURED PREACHERS PROPHETIC MEANS FAMILY OF GOD BEING SOLD DOWN THE LINE. THE WORLDWIDE FAMILY OF GOD SUFFER ULTIMATELY. Morning Star band epitomise inward looking so called freedom.If freedom is NOT feeding off or getting off on viewers/fans then they are in serious bondage.
  3. The Alecs don’t get off being Live except when £££££££$$$$$$$$$$$$$and pence come on board then you see the lot smiling and singing and praying for their supper literally. We are only here for the beer springs to mind otherwise email the PC, much of the Channel runs on whilst they are preoccupied with more important matters of disbanding and dismantling Churches, Ministries etc that have sweet fa to do with E Word.
  4. NO FIGURES FOR E WORD NO RUNNING FIGURES THAT ARE GOD TV GENERATED NOT PARTNER GENERATED. WHY NO FIGURES IN 11 YEARS. Real Evangelists figures and facts on earth, heaven takes care of rest. Heaven isn’t a policy just a happy side effect of God working in any situation Healing Ministry, E word etc exceedingly abundantly more than we can hope or imagine. This is dishonest. Viewers need to set strict standards on Figures ie God TV figures, Rory and Wendy scramble around for data like headless chickens not realising they are forced to account for their so called Goals.
  5. Non accountability structures mean guess who has to pick up the pieces Church leaders and moreover may i suggest CHURCH MEMBERS who are forced to bring to attention the issues raised by God Tv and its ilk. This brings intolerable burdens on Members. Effective bringing of issues is a walk into New prophetic Realms literally a walk into the Unknown and should be rewarded as such. Putting the PhD the Postgrad into the Daily Christian Walk. God help me get the Rewards from this site, Ministry being extended in Family of God, correctly discerning issues raised, correct and non judgemental warnings, warning if possible of God tv staffers who are forced to visit site instead of deleted email (prefered action), and whatever profit in Books Theology etc.
  6. Innumerable problems and difficulties mean BURDENS for Global Family of God regardless of Culture Age and Class. We are all in the stink because of them. They are rightfully rebuked by us and loss of finances is only recourse to force listening to us the hated and depised but oh so useful’church’
  7. Chris Cole has his Church in Plymouth. Details will be published. protest needs to be effective and satisfactory. They need bringing down a peg or two.

Deficient untaught characters force Church into praying away the Deficiencies of theology from false prophetic (Hinn and terrifying costpaid as per usaul by Body) to many failed prophecies by Prophet Seer and Scribe of Movement Mrs Wendy Alec. Rick Joyners prophetic errors sell thousands and have worldwide coverage. God given prophetic is edited and judged out. We should start a log of Criticisms and Judgements Attacks and actual attempts of disbanding and dismantling and fight back. They cannot win because we are newly equipped to fight. If I aint sinning on this site to best of my ability LORD LEGALLY BACK ME I KNOW I SHOULD BE REDEMPTIVE BUT THERE IS NO HOPE OF DREAM FUFILLMENT JUST DESPAIR AND CORRECTIVE WORK HELP LET THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS PRAY THIS THROWING GOD TV OFF THEIR BEARINGS AND THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS AGREE WITH ME WITH ME TAKING SMALLEST PART.

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