God TV wants to start a Prayer and Praise Channel on IHOP lines

BTS last night. I don’ t know if they made the announcement as I fell asleep on the Show which was extended by Rory and Wendy to ten, I don’t know what the take up was on this Non Missions Week Prayer Thing but it was identical except in purpose. Hopefully Repeats will tell me all I need to know. (God TV are notorious Editors they will edit out damaging stuff (I put it on my site forcing change of behaviour and to stop revising history** a key sin of theirs because they forever are in trouble financially and especially prophetic and they don’t know why.

45% UK funding would have to decline substantially to lure the Alecs away from their true God tv place at Heritage USA North Carolina with Joyner and Co. They long to be back there and cover up in phrases suggesting Christian obedience rather than desperate action. I estimate figure could be 25% as the lack of UK funding affects the whole God TV project to point of its existence. Note frequent references to beloved Britain and Rory Alec refuses to believe that copying The Message Trust is not the most stupid thing he could do.

Also Cross Rhythms is no longer on Satellite and just online. This suggests God TV could become a Net station with ambitions to restore Satellite stations. Six Offices, Costs and Expenses a tendency to invest in the red a strategy to sink any Company, plus unpaid Bills Employees Wages Salaries mean THE SEEDS OF DESTRUCTION an email I sent Steve Cockram years ago but they did not heed.

(Source OnethingblogonIHOPandMissingtheSunanotherIHOPblog 2007)


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