More on God TV and IHOP nice juicy news!

God TV

December 11th, 2006 at 10:11 pm (IHOP)

In the coming months, things will be set into motion that will drastically change life at IHOP. Things that make the prophesies of 500 to 5000 overnight and the salvation of 1 billion people much more tangible. And the shifts that are likely to follow make me more grateful than ever for the time of consecration that we are entering into as a Night Watch community.

God has begun to knit us together with Rory and Wendy Alec, founders of God TV. In fulfillment of what they believe to be their God-given mandate to support and spread the prayer movement across the globe, they have approached us with a very aggressive proposal. They are pouring their resources into getting IHOP’s message and mandate of night and day prayer to the nations.

Among many other things, they intend to broadcast the live prayer room between the hours of 2 and 6am in each of the 200 nations and territories where they have an audience. Because of the differences in time zones, this means that we will have camera operators in the prayer room around the clock (and SOMEWHERE in the world, the prayer room will be broadcast live at every hour of the day). God TV is set to move their cameras in on April 1st.

Another part of their vision involves times of global crisis. When things are happening in the world, they want people to turn to God TV instead of CNN. When crisis hits the nations, their plan is to “pull the lever” on all programming and go to live feed from the prayer room on each of their stations, 24/7. From our little prayer room, we would literally be leading the nations in corporate intercession.

The presence of their cameras will also lead to some drastic improvements in our $10/month internet broadcast of the live prayer room. And that is just a small portion of the many things they intend to do.  They plan to create a program using recordings from our Encountering God Services and conferences. They also have plans involving our Forerunner School of Ministry (which will most likely lead to its full accreditation in the near future).

The implications of these changes are huge.

So much change is headed our way that I am not going to give my reaction/response to these events  or discuss the implications in this blog. So… we’ll leave it at that for now.


8 responses to “More on God TV and IHOP nice juicy news!

  1. Hi Katharine,
    I notice that you prominently feature a copyright notice, presumably protecting your words from misuse or plagiarizing by others. Ironically, you’ve lifted this entire entry from another site without even including a link (the IHOP tag doesn’t quite cut it but I suppose it is *something*), let alone any attribution back to its originator. I assume that this is just an oversight, but it is nonetheless troubling.

  2. I’ve read this coherent piece before!

    Just wondering why at the top of your page you are concerned enough to claim copyright and rights on the contents of your page and then don’t acknowledge the parts of it that you grabbed that were written by another.

  3. dkw16
    As for previous Comment I will remedy. When I was at University 17 years ago they put the fear of God in you over the dangers of plagirism. That is NOT my intention and all sources will be properly acknowledged and edited.
    Thanks for your correction

  4. Especially to Joelmw. It is an oversight. Although I am not even at University I am trying to build up a list of Citable References for future use. Thanks once again for pointing it out and giving me grace on this.
    NB I have NOTHING, numerous ODDS AND ISM’s against me, I live in Supported Housing, I envy the Youth and the worship that means they have all the resources and Adults through Corporations taking advantage render at 40 as ‘too old’ create a LOST GENERATION and the Church hasn’t woken up, neither Disabilism and Mentalism which also affect me in a University context particularly prestigious Research-led.

  5. NNB This site is meant to point out Errors and bring correction. It is also to wake up God TV its Associates and its ilk from the not inconsiderable dangers that they put themselves in. I want to be right with God on this so God can back me up legally before as he did the first time. I need prayer myself because the whole God TV Joyner thing propells me into the deepest despair and hopelessness both ingredients are contrary to God being God of Hope and Dreams coming true.

  6. Katharine,
    Thank you for the quick reply. I must say that I appreciate the tone and coherence of your responses and I think we may have falsely attributed to you less coherent words that were actually made by someone else!–the other side of the same coin that prompted our initial reactions, really. Either way, there are all sorts of dangers to you and to others, if the author isn’t clear. Thanks again for taking the time to respond and for doing so graciously. I pray that the God of all comfort give you hope, grace, peace, clarity and a deepening revelation of his boundless love. Truly, we can rejoice for He is faithful and sovereign.

  7. And the same to you Joel mw and the other IHOPPers who have visited this Forum. Every Blessing on you guys and in typical me style the freaky relevant solutions that can make this whole IHOP thing work as it should.
    Its a good model like a lot of what they do but the problems and difficulties caused plus lack of viable open tested accountability structures mean what should be Heaven and a new Ministry New dimension etc of Christ is an expression of Hell.
    Hell sufficiently invading that continuing Friendship, Working Together, Troubleshooting and a whole wad of Church stuff that forces one to leave and or protest in secret as I have and others have done so we are not alone.
    Gods best on us
    Admin in Him

  8. I wish God TV and co were like you guys!
    All the best that God can give us

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