God TV migrates[most] of its tv to IP streaming but strong debt and addiction to being in the red for false expansion

IHOP-KC is excited to offer subscription-based live webstreaming of the 24/7 prayer room and other IHOP services and events. “It’s not pre-recorded; it’s live and a little raw, but incredibly authentic.” If you have internet access, either broadband or dialup, you can sign up. This will allow you to listen or watch the prayer room at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At this time, the subscription is $5 a month for an audio only connection, and $10 a month for a video connection. This fee is to help offset production costs.

If you have a heart for worship and intercession, IHOP’s live webstreaming may be a resourceful tool to help you partner with us in intercession and cultivate consistency in your own prayer life.

The live webstream can easily be streamed into homes, churches, college dorms and other Houses of Prayer around the world. Available streams include a 48k audio stream, a 200k video stream and a high-quality 700k video stream designed for houses of prayer (requiring a $150/month house of prayer upgrade).

Subscribe today!
For more information, email webstreaming@ihop.org.



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