Kansas City Prophet Mike Bickle and God TV

There are also a lot of financial consequences. God TV is convinced that they can bring our monthly subscriptions to the 24/7 live webstream up to 1 million. At $10/month, 1 million subscriptions means $10 million coming into the IHOP missions base. Mike is excited about what this means in enabling thousands of intercessory missionaries to do this full-time. But there are so many things that come along with that.

(Source Implications Missing the Sun an IHOP Blog 2nd Feb 2007)


2 responses to “Kansas City Prophet Mike Bickle and God TV

  1. I think I might understand part of what you’re doing here. Please let me know if this is correct: is part of your purpose just to collect various sources about your topic? Even if you are doing this strictly for your own “research” I strongly encourage you to do a better job of identifying the source. Particularly if you are hoping to produce an academic or investigative document, it is imperative that you know who said what and in what context. Moreover, it is simply irresponsible to reproduce what others have said in a context such as this without clearly indicating what is the source of those words.

  2. Joel M
    Thanks for pointing it out. I DON’T want to fall foul in the Citation Department. I will remedy this forthwith so the sources are properly acknowledged.
    Many apologies

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