How they see us Criticisms and Judgements should be logged worldwide




Criticisms and Judgements of ‘The Church’ How they see us


Wednesday, 31 January 2007

10:17:34 PM


Richard Foster Disintegrating tree to Haystack Rock I assume that the former picture assumes the Church has problems, which Church Leaders and their Congregations are dealing with.


Various Woes

Depression (1 in 4 mental illness IN THE WORKPLACE.Shortage of Psychiatrists and Psychologists, Care work isn’t attractive)


Demon possession Rick Joyner accounts of demons riding Christians a popular Wendy Alec prophetic device. (Christ in you not demons in you you can’t have both!)

Fear one is justly afraid at rising house prices etc one cannot WOF it away and deny the feelings.

Sexual perversion. (Desert Stream)

Disease Cancer figures etc

Religion AND Religious Spirits**


(In Depth Repeat Jan 31st 2007)

‘’and that’s Christians’’


Accusations’’ the Accuser of the Brethren accusing them day and night [before the Throne of God].


That the Church is not delivering from demons.

That the Christians are not being set free from sin, condemnation etc.

That Churches are not growing given obsession with ‘thousands’.

That the Church is not fit to look after CCM bands and DJ’s*** (The Church does not need to misunderstand this area but there are barstard complex problems)


Effect of

  1. Unsaved find ‘the Church’unattractive if Christians are not free how can they be free?
  2. low morale false prophetic Church instead of accurate picture with both good and bad (PLURAL)
  3. 144,000 resources pails into insignificance against Bookshops holding a couple of million in stock and that doesn’t represent the total Book Production in Body of Christ.
  4. False pictures of Church hinder growth in individual Christians, Groups are affected too.
  5. Prophetic Curses and attacks in songs CCM wound spirit of Christians and there is no redress or humble repentance from perpetrators of the OPEN variety.
  6. Hiding their actions means they get away with murder and Church leaders and members*are forced to grapple with the unknowns forced on them and forced to struggle for healing.




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