Fundamental Errors of God TV Global  Joyner Movement


Saturday, 27 January 2007

11:29:59 PM






They hate the Church and People


Hard Evidence

  1. Deleted Emails you sent picking up Comments and Concerns raised in the Church as a result of God TV Joyner Ministry.
  2. Dismantling and Disbanding strategy of any type of Ministry or Work (literally anything just think of it dear viewer anything) setting themselves as Judges to the Body alone gives one problems of the pastoral and ministry nature.
  3. Discomfort, Unease, avoidance of normal Live Interaction that your most ungodly pagan excels in. Anita Anand and Terry Wogan and their ilk are infinitely to be preferred to Rory Wendy and their ilk. Rick Joyner and the Morning star band are cold and turned in on themselves.
  4. Creating problems: special local problem areas NEWCASTLE ON TYNE/UNDER LYME ,STOKE ON TRENT, MANCHESTER, HERITAGE USA NORTH CAROLINA, WASHINGTON DC, FLORIDA USA, Local Church Pastors what problems do you encounter? Pressure to conform/give in to them? Media Campaigns by UCB to work together despite the fact UCB is also unaccountable. Campaigns personal by Cross Rhythms allies which are persistent unending and downright harassing. Creating local Cliques in above areas and beyond. Lack of automonous independent identity in a Church when one is swamped and taken over by Joyner God Tv Cross Rhythms personnel.
  5. Ministry Hijacking. You put in hard graft they use it to promote Ministry or take over Ministry BUT IT IS YOUR MINISTRY NOT THEIRS! No matter it is now the LORDS theirs!
  6. CCM as a creator of problems as Musos dump their problems on the songs and not your telephone.
  7. Coldness and insufficient characters for problems caused leaving Church to pick up the pieces and work things out for themselves God TV Joyner Movement not lifting a finger to help; let alone say sorry and engage in humiliating repentance.

Clique just look at personnel on God TV and it is all there to see you only have to look.


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