Why God TV has so few Funding Streams

It is too busy judging the Ministries and Church of Jesus Christ as Ugly worthless, demon possessed and past it to actually percieve the real work of the Holy Spirit of God immanent and creative, sovereign and powerful, merciful and redeeming in its midst. By rendering as ugly Ministries and Churches that God is working in it is making itself BLIND DEAF AND DUMB to what could be potential advertising Revenue.

I notice only THREE Churches featured on God TV who presumely tick the Joyner God TV boxes required. The authorative reliable Childrens Ministry Network Conference is in the Programme Guide after a total period of 11 years in Ministry.

I agree with the poor Paul Adrenilich that the Advertising Revenue is too low. Jonny Woodrow’s(Special Projects Director) obssession with keeping God TV tainted from the World that keeps Premier going (a godly channel) is tipping the Channel into financial jeopardy.

Too little average Revenue jeopardises Distribution opps that come up. poor payment and overeliance on happless viewers to endlessly bail them out mean would be Distribution opps don’t want to know even though God TV pump primes Viewer Demand.


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