CALL FOR POSTS: Are you an Unpaid Supplier, Satellite Provider etc spill the beans on this Blog!

We all know that God TV Joyner Message to Schools aka THE Message like to have massive deficits in their Bank Accounts. That us the hapless and helpless Viewer/Supporter/Prayer are supposed to passively Yes and Amen their every minute and obscurist Request.That we also are supposed to bail them out of every financial Crisis (God TV Partner Letters pleading for us to help them!) and that Life doesn’t pan out in the way they would like cos Deficits remain meaning Suppliers and Builders and Bankers and all manner of Workers including Employees*** DON’T GET PAID. So dear folks spill the beans anonymously on the bizzare and ungodly practices of those espousing Joyner Doctrines. I will get a List up I may already have one of Movement Ministries to aid this process and give the above an overdue kick up the arse.


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