God TV’s REAL size relative to other Christian Broadcasters

TBN is the biggest I think there are figures somewhere. Only stats will do not rhetoric or taking them at their word!

Daystar second

God Channel’s Budget is equivalent to Daystar Charity Budget. The way God TV gets on is create power-relations meaning viewers put up with shoddy repetitive programming, bad attitudes Chris Coles comment that ‘Church leaders should pick up the pieces’ [from their Ministry] betray their lack of concern for the real consequences of their ministry-which if they listened to the problems that folks brought them ie didn’t delete the emails as Not read-might enjoy higher statistics as collected from the Sattellite providers.

In UK God TV had 150.000 Revelation TV 130.000 (Howard shows relative figs on Revelation TV-one wonders why Christians are denied statistics that the secular unbelieving public take for granted in Nielson/Rajar- this I believe has changed. Revelation is kicking God TV’s arse and they don’t like it. If you look carefully you will notice that God tV is copying Revelation TV!!! RMusic viewership must be 300.000 most (Howard on World on Focus) and guess what God TV wants one too-a 24-7 365 music channel on the ‘non-religious’ Music section of the EPG. Chris Cole ended Cross Rhythms on Sky due to spiralling costs and now the net is the only way to listen ( I am thru with Cross Rhythms having seen their true agendas) so how are they gonna get a God tv equivalent of Rmusic given costs of £30.000 pcm.? At least Howard gives figures which help computation of figures involved and as you know dear Reader FACTS AND FIGURES COUNT or STATS AND FACTS !!


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