The CBC gives Awards to its Cronies (although we are not supposed to know that)

Q. Who won Category C – Best Christian Music Radio Proramme – Music-based programme?

Gold – ‘The Gospel According to Gershwin’ – Premier Radio
Producer: John Forrest
Presenter: Mike Roberts

Silver – ‘Audacious’ (No 101) – Cross Rhythms
Producer: Chris Mountford
Presenters: Sophia Barrett, Deanna Fletcher, Rob Ellerington, G. Smyth, Chris Mountford

Bronze – ‘ Rimmerama’ – Cross Rhythms
Presenter: Mike Rimmer

Q. Who won Category E – Satellite/Cable TV?

Gold UK 700 Club for CBN (Pat Roberstston buys M street for God TV)
Presenters: Paul and FJ Jones
Producer: CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network)
Contact: Peter Darg

Silver God TV 10th Anniversary Live from Israel for God TV
Producer: Graeme Spencer

Silver God TV Sedar Meal Live for God TV
Producer: Graeme Spencer

Bronze Holocaust Survivor – Revelation TV
Producer: Howard Conder
Actress/writer: Linda Mage

Who won Category F – TV Ministry?

Gold ‘Stories from a Café’ for CBN
Produced by Lindy Lindstrom
Created and directed by Angela Ward Costello
Contact: Peter Darg

Gold ‘Calling all Nations’ for God TV
Produced by Graeme Spencer

Silver ‘Soul Survivor 2005’ Prog 7 for God TV
Produced by Luke Taylor

Bronze ‘Audacious’ for God TV
Produced by Rick Brock (God TV ditto)
Who won Category G – Best Christian Music TV programme?

Gold ‘Manchester Passion’ for BBC 3 and BBC 2
Written and produced by Stephen Powell & Andy King-Dabbs
Executive Producer: Sue Judd
Contact: Andy King-Dabbs

Silver Ultimate Event for God TV
Produced by Graeme Spencer & Rick Brock (Dream on TV)

Bronze Space Concert for God TV
Produced by Rick Brock & Graeme Spencer
Who won Category I – Best Christian Factual Video/DVD?

Gold ‘Deep’ For The Message Trust
Directed and Produced by Ian Rowbottom (Message to schools are friends)

Gold ‘The Forsaken Promise’ Hatikvah Trust
Producer: Hugh Kitson

Silver ‘If Persecution Came’ For Crossfire Productions
Presenter: Andrew Boyd

Bronze Robber of the Cruel Streets – CTA
Producer: Crawford Telfer
ategory J – Christian Novel

Gold Jesus: A Novel by Walter Wangerin
Lion Hudson PLC – Contact Rhoda Hardie
“This was an epic novel, highly readable, earthy in style and evocatively written. Most importantly, this can be given to the most hardened of sceptics and a response would be expected.”

Category K – Christian Non-fiction

Silver ‘Faith like Potatoes’
by Angus Buchan – Monarch Books / Lion Hudson,
contact Caroline Nicholls
‘A truly inspiring and challenging book, simply written and easy to read, focusing not on man’s achievements but all on the Lord Jesus Christ and the importance of giving Him the priority in everything.’ THIS IS FOR WENDY ALEC LATER ON!!

Bronze ‘Prophetic Engagement: The Issachar Mandate’
by Obii Pax-Harry Destiny Image
Contact: Obii Pax Harry (Cross Rhythms Prayer Co-ordinator)

‘A hugely challenging and hard-hitting message to the Christian world in this country and the media in particular. Surprisingly readable for a book of this nature.’
Q. Who won Category P – Best Christian Music Video/DVD?

Gold ‘Is There a Heaven for Me?’
Jeff Marshall
One Mediator
Contact: Jeff Marshall

Silver ‘Christmas Unwrapped’
Presenter: J. John
Producer: Graeme Spencer
Cloak Productions (who does God TV broadcasts)
Who won Category R – Most Innovative Christian Podcast/Webcast?

Gold Premier Webcast Kristie Winsen – Christian TV on Demand
Contact: Kristie Winsen

Silver World Update on the Persecuted Church
Presenter – Andrew Boyd
Crossfire Productions for Release International

Bronze ‘Audiomission’ CMS
Presenter: Trevor Smith
Producer Jeremy Woodham
Who won the JQ Davies Award?
A. For outstanding services over forty years to Broadcasting and the discipline of Science – Dr Victor Pearce (UCB)

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