The Plymouth so-called ‘Research and Development Centre IS a Studio

God TV still haven’t owned up to the failure of the Westminster Project (if they took up Howard Conder’s offer they would have a viable London base-look at Revelation Tv!) but on todays Behind the Screens for the first time. We saw the STUDIO in Plymouth. The Alecs don’t have humility to eat humble pie and admit the failure of the Westminster Project due to those wonderful electrical cables.

BTS features Rory Alec handling Cables like his life depended on it. Cables cables cables to power all that State Of the Art TV equipment, naturally got on Credit or in the Red. A defining characteristic of God TV and their friends is WE SPEND-THEY SEND and no questions are asked about their behaviour etc. The poor viewer is expected to cough up and pray up regardless of the cost to themselves-which when the shit hits the fan is costly beyond their wildest nightmares.

Nice caring Churches and Ministries be at the ready to catch casualties from God TV. I am one without my Church I would not be able to write this Blog let alone think of it as a possible Ministry help to dare I say it the Body of Christ. ( I am not given to big statements like ‘Body of Christ’ but it is proving neccessary).


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