Acephalous: Measuring the Speed of Memes across the Internet

This is a bold experiment conducted by Acephalous to measure the speed of a MEME across the Blogasphere. If you like it is a ‘live’ social science experiment. Your task dear Reader is to hasten the speed of this MEME and to adopt it into your own Blog account.

There is a very good reason, a poor destitute Graduate Student needing funding is desperate to gauge support on the Internet as he/she has a fantastic new theory which will break new ground. Trouble is he/she breaks all the rules of ‘graduate student’ and needs a groundswell of public support in speeding up this MEME. The aforementioned Graduate Student now accepted for a prestigious PhD programme at a top-ranking Research-led Institution needs to convince his/her potential Supervisors of the public support for his/her Theory. Speeding the MEME helps as it advances the Theory by leaps and bounds.

Given that this site has had 2000 hits this will be a small task for my Readers.


Here is the link?


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