The oft-quoted David versus Saul Chris Cole

David = God TV Joyner Agenda driven Five-fold apostolic prophetic etc Movement.
Saul= Institutional Church, charismatic church (Ernie Gruen report for gory details on MIKE BICKLES slandering of the Church, this Movement has been justfully accused of slandering of brothers and sisters in dare I say it Body of Christi=)
Chris Cole wishes to re-imagine you as a member a partner in the Movement with these views with Alec Joyner Cole as head and of course NAR.
A key point WE IS UGLY dey is beautiful saintly etc a gross distortion of the facts and the Spirits work in the shock horror Institutional and Charismatic Churches by the grace of God, and only with His Grace and Mercy. And that includes IC and charismatic ‘shares’ of Youth ministry.


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