7 September 2006
ntl:Telewest Business helps innovative broadcaster deliver
programmes on-demand and stream its schedule over the
· Innovative broadcaster GOD TV opens new premises near Plymouth and
aims to create further jobs
· ntl:Telewest Business services used to create platform for delivering
streamed television content over the internet and on-demand services
· New state-of-the-art technology centre will use powerful 100 Mbps
Ethernet connection for internet services
ntl:Telewest Business, the supplier of communications services to the public and
private sectors, today announced that GOD TV is using its high-speed
communications services to provide new programmes, on-demand services and
broadcast its schedule over the internet. GOD TV has built a hi-tech new broadcast
centre in Plympton, near Plymouth, and plans to create employment in the local area
as it expands its operations.
As more and more broadcasters offer popular programmes over the internet, GOD

TV is aiming to increase viewing numbers for its 24 hour schedule by beefing up its
website, http://www.god.tv. As well as being available on cable and satellite networks,
global Christian broadcaster GOD TV believes that using the internet as a delivery
platform will enable it to reach a far greater audience around the world. The GOD
Channel and GOD UK are part of GOD TV’s international line-up of Christian
programming that includes conferences, in-depth interviews, youth and music shows,
and features prominent Christian leaders.
The company has spent 2006 converting the former premises of TwoFourTV into an
internet server facility to house the content and create facilities for streamed media
services. ntl:Telewest Business is providing a high-speed 100 Megabits-per-second
(Mbps) Ethernet connection to ensure that the new internet services offer optimum
performance and can cope with viewer demand. GOD TV hopes to create 25 new
positions as it expands its operations in the Plymouth area.
“GOD TV has developed some truly innovative services for getting its content to its
viewers,” said Tevon Jordaan, Chief Technology Officer, GOD TV. “ntl:Telewest
Business is working with us to create an extremely sophisticated facility in Plymouth,
with a high-speed communications infrastructure that will enable us to expand the
reach of our programming around the UK and across the globe.”
“The broadcasting industry is undergoing rapid change as new technologies open up
a raft of additional options to content providers,” said John Cunningham, director of
business markets, ntl:Telewest Business. “GOD TV is an innovator with a worldwide
reach and our high-speed communications services will allow it to both reach more
viewers and expand its operations.”
– Ends –
Notes to Editors
ntl:Telewest Business, part of the UK’s second largest fixed-line telecommunications
company, is a leading communications provider to businesses, public sector
organisations and service providers in the UK. It delivers a complete portfolio of
voice, data and internet solutions nation-wide.
ntl:Telewest Business sales and support teams are located across the UK, in close
proximity to our customers, as part of a commitment to deliver superior customer
ntl:Telewest Business delivers services over the Group’s £13bn investment in its
state-of-the-art infrastructure giving business customers access to the largest
alternative network in the UK.
ntl:Telewest Business is trusted to provide critical communications to high profile
customers including: Heathrow’s Terminal 5, Birmingham City Council, Cambridge
County Council and Next.
For further information go to http://www.business.ntl.com or http://www.telewest.co.uk/business
ntl:Telewest Business press contacts:
Sara Doggett, PR Executive Steve Earl, Press Office
ntl:Telewest Business Rainier PR
T: 01256 753101 T: 020 7494 6574
E: sara.doggett@ntl.com E: searl@rainierpr.co.uk

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