Rory Alec’s OTHER NAMES Perrins and Stephen How many false names do the Alecs or God TV Joyner driven Personnel have??



2 responses to “Rory Alec’s OTHER NAMES Perrins and Stephen How many false names do the Alecs or God TV Joyner driven Personnel have??

  1. crayola My problem is them not stating it. Why do they want to cover their tracks online and off?
    Also do you have substantive proof of this fact(?? !!) If so you may know them.?? Please post proof. thanks.
    I also know Joyner personnel who left who secretly complained to Harvestnet.( Joyner Pages) I had someone make a key allegation about someone close to Cross Rhythms which needs investigating. (Ideally a website Journalist Team ???) so I am not surprised if I have SECRET SYMPATHY maybe from refuseniks of the Joyner-GodTV-Cross Rythms Camp.

    I have the Alecs and co want to get in touch with me (which will be denied and coupled with aggressive predictable tactics ie CMTV etc) but I won’t play ball because THEY ARE NOT S-A-F-E. ( A song God gave me the only time I feel remotely loving and heartbroken about them). I hope I respond rightly to concerns here. Increasingly I am thinking of sin/error and missed or needed SALVATION that is required in their dire prophetic and financial situation which is compounded by them NOT listening or responding to peoples concerns about them.

  2. What I make is the fact that that the viewers aren’t supposed to know anything of significance about their activities. From experience I know The Alec-Stephen monikor (Charity Commission Websiteand Alec-Perrins (the other site) make me wonder how many names they have and this is a legitamate concern.
    Ok so names are public in sense that they are online and there is very little if nothing they can do to hide it. But I have long experience of them deleting Caches, rewriting history and of being unaccountable for me to be concerned. The Joe Public of their viewers is hardly likely to question whether they have any additional monikors. As it is the Current Tally is Two so I ask how many more?
    As far as tracing their steps:birds of a feather stick to eachother, their philosophies seem plain but are hidden and hence they leave identifiable marks on the net that sleuths like me can uncover in the search of truth.

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