Re: Roundtable and Rory Alec Has anyone noticed they are his friends and on God TV??


Che Ann The Call/ The Cause Church Planting hidden agenda

Rick Joyner disbanding and dismantling errant ministries, churches, indies that get in the way a Pharoah spirit I believe (harvestnet) of control in the Church. Gods people need FREEING LET MY PEOPLE GO!! plus he can supply the poor needy Church with his own trained Prophets, plus Musos, plus Morning star plants Churches in its own right anyway plus Rory and Wendy put him on TV in the first place.

Jim Bakker sex scandal sex and finance Joyners phoney Restoration ministry (another topic folks!) restores people who should be expelled unless restoration is impossible.

Bob weiner campus ministries in america bias if ever there was. Bob Weiner is another story.(Factnet has facts) another prophetic type boasting in the thousands. God help those under Bob Weiner!!!

a few examples as I need to go to bed, this is to bless the Church ala Harvestnet. I owe other websites who helped me get thoughts together and my own familys independent RESEARCHING streak.


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