Mark Goodge and Usenet: Behind the Scenes

USENET Censors

UK Voting Henchmen

UK Hierachy dismantled by Goodge to discourage disgrunted UK Newsgroups about God TV and the rest-shock horror-gasp-free speech. A breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Brenchley Bob
Ashton Richard?
GOODGE Deputy Co-ordinator for UK Voting

Trends in Usenet especially in UK

Reputable Knowledgeable staff thrown out by a Coup??

MOVE TOWARDS MODERATION OF ALT NEWSGROUPS whereas previously unmoderated. Suits Goodge.
Monthly Stats a way of monitoring. Goodge himself evades censorship by having the right views ie Joyner/God TV Emma Goodge works for God TV see dream on God tv credits. (God TV deny viewers credits to their shame)
Alt Legal Censorship Alt Blue Yonder Users
Censorship of newsgroups. Since 2000 approximate.

One reason why an unmoderated alt legal group would not be wanted would be because THEN LEGALS ISSUES OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND EXPRESSION WOULD NOT COME UP PROTECTING GOODGE AND HIS HENCHMEN. (lost called him a fascist and worse I have seen documents on HDD) The Use of RFD’s by Goodge. Goodge made Robots to scan newsgroups. Goodge has more email addies and Forums memberships than is normal and it is a clear indication that Goodge’s function is to police the Net.
and another guy anon are roped in to help him.

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