Mark Goodge and UK Religion Christian visit this Site !!



UK Religion Christian USENET Google Newsgroup visited this site folks.
I am SO privileged. Mark Goodge has put himself in my address book with his Good Stuff Address so I must be pretty wonderful to secure such a great mans attention.
He who has reckoned on his views to be acceptable but the views opinions and essential data of others to be subject to intense moderation.
UK Religion Christian is not a Group that encourages wide ranging and penetrating debate into all the issues facing Christendom. Instead its a Bless God TV Club aided and abetted by and another anonymous soul planted by Joyner-God TV-Cross Rhythms folks to help debate and discussion proceed along the right lines.
I can fairly predict Goodge ingratiated himself with the Group with Free Tickets to Gigs, Exclusives from Cross Rhythms etc. Its amazing how people are taken in with a wretched CCM Star and with the Great and The Good of CCM. But that isn’t MY way and their hands are tied.


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