God TV is like Foucaults Panopticon in the way it monitors and polices Christian and Non-Christian Activities

Inspection functions ceaselessly. The gaze is alert everywhere: ‘( Foucault Panopticism Source: Foucault, Michel Discipline & Punish: The Birth of the Prison (NY: Vintage Books 1995) pp. 195-228)
You plonk yourself on Ministry Mailing Lists, pay large sums of money to their Charity, PRAY for them (Mal Fletcher praying for Revelation TV Gareth Littler followed soon after which failed with his pro gramme Right of Reply).
You ingratiate yourself with the powers that be -Mark Goodge Tony Cummings Chris Cole at Greenbelt , and get YOUR Agenda on the Menu.
you get your mates on Revelation TV (Lynieve Austin, The Band with no Name who I found profoundly disturbing) and one is supposed to cheer when Dream on TV is mentioned. Jennifer Hughes shows OBVIOUS discomfort socially on air compared to the rest of the audience. The show seems skewed to her.

Their very extensive Contact lists via Plaxo means they can get round a massive number of people all of whom they claim is their friend.

But that is one word I am doubting now. I wonder if Friend appellation is used because so called Friend does favours to advance Ministry; or whether that Friend is in the Inner Circle of the Great and The Good of the Movement if you lack an Inner Council consisting of The Alecs (Alec Stephen to cover tracks), Chris Cole, Rick Joyner, Bob Weiner*Message to Schools and Innervation Trust,

Ulf Ekkman and other Movers and Shakers within the Movement.

I would recommend prayers for protection, ministry (one is left to starve and thirst post Research) and be in a VERY VERY GOOD Understanding CHURCH ** where Care and Ministry can be given over a long period. (More on Wounds later my Story but Jesus Character Personality and Demeanor is Healer and thats what I am relying on not on any Church but Jesus and what I call the (‘ Research Land Firmaments***copyrightkjah2006)’ OF Christianity that yours truly seems to be following.

It is in all our interest to pray? that God will make the Church like Haystack Rock and if I am honest that cannot happen whilst people whoever they may be-cannot see this terrible thing happening in our midst.


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