Disintegrating Wood NOTHING to Haystack Rock SOMETHING or Pictures of the Church How to spot the Leaders

I think God has just told me that one looks at the faithfulness, joy, communities of obedient faithfulness to ‘see’ the true Leaders.

River Streams of Living Waters book
Another tactic is learn to look at The Saints for ones own benefit and Angels. (Angels are ALWAYS deployed for the Glory of Jesus and wellbeing of His Saints in WHATEVER CONTEXT)

So St Antony of Egypt is a favourite of mine (resisting temptation just imagine HIM in charge of this whole Movement thing!!) St Michael as Chief Warrior Angel, Gabriel for born-agains new lifes/renewed lives/situations/circumstances (!!). One does not need to be a Catholic just visit the sites to see the Saints.  The Saints are a Universalism that doesnt need to be kept to just within the Catholic Church but rather shared around. EWTN is very good to Protestants who wish to come home so to speak -in situ-to the Catholic Faith.

I am not a Catholic but I do the Rosary have an Orthodox prayer rope would learn the Jesus Prayer and Contemplative prayer. I wont let denomination OR STREAM or impediment stop me from using resources I believe come from God CCM minus Jesus Movement Joyner baggage. Some CCM is blacklisted cos of tainted associations and sins within music ie problem causing rather than problem solving or MAKING A DIFFERENCE to the Church( !!!!)


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