I predict serious losses of studio space as a result of financial mismanagement

Loss of Israel Broadcast Centre St Davids City locatable at an Angle. Building set apart (effective protest is what is needed God TV are secretive enough as it is!!!)

Loss of India which is run by ‘faith’ or in financial terms in the red.

Setting up another Studio in Times Sqaure NY is not only frightfully expensive ( as well as frightfully prestigious!) but could make God tV incur further financial losses.

Trying to set up an Office in Australasia would be stupid. God TV tend to occupy parts of a building not the whole mc coy.

Paul Andrenilich Financial Director needs to be listened to and ideas that such cost heavy resourcing relative to income need at last to be brought into question.

Rory Alec in this respect is downright harmful to his Ministry interest but pursuing DEBT as a financing strategy.

Expensive? Furniture and studio decoration and State of the Art Equipment are not going to help if you have insufficent funds coming in relative to costs.

”In Faith” needs to be seen for what it is ”in the Red”.

Message to Schools Cross Rhythms and other friends employ similar strategies for so called expansion.

I would rather see a smaller lean machine based on sound financial practices including extensive Advertising ala Premier which is a godly Channel-would be far better from THEIR point of view.

nb Cross Rhythms is no longer on Sattelite SKY due to them not being able to pay Satt Costs.
They cannot continue to spend spend spend and expect the poor viewer to cough up willy nilly style.

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