My Pastor told me today that I cannot handle God TV thing

And that another project(pioneering in some ways!) is up my backyard.

I handled the prayer but email communication with Steve Cockram and Cam was a futile exercise ( I would love things impossible things to happen so a sobered reunion takes place and vindication for this Site and every one who has had to endure the horrors of discernment here)

Cam and Steve will deny it but I have the email that promoted me twice once for Ascension and once for Tastyfresh when my Star rose and Contacts was a word to be introduced into my Coping-Support Need Vocabulary. Tasty might but you cant deny Threads.

So I will do a post Part II of How God Tv has affected me. I long with all my heart for the Casualties of God Tv and their associates to be healed; and if God is genuinely doing it my life (Academic Healing Academic Jesus is my Project in Teaching and Potential Research one day is my Project by Gods grace and prayer into) and ultimately if it fails God TV movement folks will need healing if they are to continue in Christ-tail between their legs-to a position they only have nightmares about.

They dont have the character to handle the problems and difficulties (abnormal) that they create SO THAT IT CAN BE CORRECTED.

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