I need to write ‘Its all really rather trivial’ post if God was able to SAVE them

If Teaching is beyond them (dreadful) then unsanctifed flesh and sins will permeate everything and everyone they touch.

If its a matter of the heartf/the heart of the matter( J John) then their attitude to ‘The Church’ (open mockery on In Depth Aldous and on Dream on TV) is IMHO a warning sign of the First Degree.

Joyners P60 about Fivefold disbanding and dismantling ministries/individuals etc work (all Tastyfresh attempts to dismantle my creative work but G-O-D steps in!!) means they are in charge and not the poor Church so unless Joyner is rebuked and the prophecies seen for the false things they are (serioius thing) then we are in serious trouble, unless God can create coping/reigning in life/kings and priests etc IN THE CIRCUMSTANCES WE FIND OURSELVES IN AND ITS BAD BUT FOLKS ITS HAPPENED BEFORE AND GOD ACTED There is NOTHING new under the Sun just the youth/broadcasting/prophetic/CCM and Dj equivalent of it.


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