Cindy Jacobs and Johnathon David Prophecies are AS IS prophecies

Of course they love a Studio in NY but is is expensive (hmmm!) big swanky appearances give impression they are doing better than they are.

Johnathon David 20% of reaching the lost thank you JD! that leaves us 80% to suss out. See My Post on What they say Their Callings are for the rest of the detail. (My painstaking watching of God TV for Research purposes seem to be paying off if site hits are anything to go by nearly 600 and I have been here for a Month?)

Cindy Jacobs re studios in various places and now NY is just their forthtelling of AS IS behaviour of the Alecs. The Alecs are expansionist even if to quote Rory they are ‘on the brink’ which is silly and foolish if you wish to grow a Ministry.

(I keep imagining what I would do if I was in charge of God TV I would change so much if I was able and it would be rescuing but hurt like hell and Joyner would be affected, he would be like  scalded dog with the pain but at least he would be ok!!)

So I am NOT overawed by the scope and magnanimity of them. I dont think ‘How awesome’ now but how truthful thankyou!

  1. Rory Alecs Breakthrough anointing is superspiritual bullying what about Thomas and 24 hr miraces in India. God Tv if you look closely are not nice people ( to friends they are wonderful everyone else theyare morons) . They are
  2. Cold
  3. Manipulative and forceful. Intense.
  4. Uncaring when it comes to good things they aint quite up to it.
  5. In temptation they yield to rejection rather than risk the Holy Spirit and nice people in the Church and peoples reaactions not meant to harm them but help them,
  6. Cowardly they would run to studio than run to phone/email or both!

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