The Jesus Movement Promotion Agenda and God TV

It is Chris Coles avowed aim to promote the Jesus Movement at every turn. In fact he is keen that it be engraved in concrete in our brains and  like him without reversal.

The Jesus Movement has inspired the following in Cole  a desire for Musicians to be separate from the Church yet supported by the Church in Charity donations. So that is The Church has no Governmental input into Musicianary behaviour or are the Bands accountable but as is every thing with God TV; funds are solicited for activities at every turn.

Chris Cole has expressed open distaste and profound discomforture at any mention of ‘the Church’  Indeed open mockery of ‘the Church’ is characteristic ofDream on TV broadcasts. But dear precious fund giving Viewer you are not supposed to comment on that or your precious beloved comments might be deleted by the Spam filters they have in place. No f** or blinding typical of grief may enter their Inboxes.

I think it is time to ask questions about the Jesus Movement and to wonder why the authoritarian methods employed by the Jesus Movement are appropriate for so called self-acclaimed Prophets of the Most High.


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