Missions Week 10 Day Campaign fails with £480.000 banked but with £1.9m required

So lets get a few figures:

£500.000 over 10 days = £250.000 per 5 days at unusually high rates which IMHO are unsustainable at £25pw claim on Viewers Weekly Income. This sum alone treatens the integrity of the above figure.

At current rate for another ‘Missions Week’ for 10 days =another £500.000  only =£1m which falls short of £2.9m proposed target.

If a prophet says he hears from God and it doesnt come to pass dont fear him. If they PRAYED and HEARD FROM GOD what isnt happening then they would be the type of people you would wish to hang with in the comfort of your living room etc.

Expenses outweigh income=financial suicide then there is the prophetic suicide.

Chris Cole speaks of local Church Leaders ‘picking up the pieces’

At God we dont just take all the money offered to us-not trying to actually maximise their income-we try to spend as much as we possibly can. Money is coming in more slowly then Rory and Wendy would like.  Paul Adrenilich Financial Controller

So high spending high liabilities Distribution

59% from viewers

2% from Advertising

23% ministries

rest 16% East Coast Television

and other allowance.

45% is UK Viewer Figure for whole ministry.

45% if that figure shrinks then Rory and Wendy come to live in UK until figure is restored hence God TV UK.

The vision is too big relative to finances coming in.

Their characters are insufficient compare them to any shock jock and the shock jock will be prefered. The biggest sinner is preferable to this lot.

I will write an Open Letter to Rory and Wendy Alec detailing their Three Fold Ministry and Character Suicide Strategy.

  1. Financial suicide how long before God Tv is no more with God Tv having a bad reputation amongst Creditors Broadcasters etc
  2. Prophetic suicide by not having the LORD deal with their characters so they could maintain a large/ish Ministry

Suicide in the flock* cummulative affects of ministry on UK Church and Church worldwide of every tribe and nation with especial reference to disabled, mentally ill and elderly

But Marcel Oliver continues to pile on the pressure with more opportunities that are unsustainable. The Alecs entertain an illusion of growth against the sea of red in this Bank Statements.

So how are we to be effective in stopping this from happening.

I have battles and challenges enough and this is a thankless task and I need Fruit and payment from my labours.


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