Problems I have been facing since encountering God TV Joyner movement

  1. Denial and death of real hidden self which God wanted to bring to life with his Word and Love and healing.
  2. Fear and paranoia in my own homewhere I am unable to stand up for myself, protest etc, take the piss etc etc
  3. Fear of self-expression Tasty fresh  deliberately judged and obstructed my attempt to do a DJ Mix global thing etc etc because of Cross Rhythms Carey Jarvis is contact. Strong Jesus movement links
  4. Intellect is suppressed therefore it is essential God helps me write up findings as MINISTRY and as primary original copyright data for Research (INFORM LSE Eileen Barker, University of Essex Sociology of Religion book with Academic very desirable outcome indeed for moi God loves me)
  5. So many in flock wont know what is happening. Being forced into unknown unchartered territory means mental health misdiagnoses is more imminent( another topic agggh). Unknown brings instability
  6. hatred and revenge devil may care. A song by Hillsongs Darlene is my only way to cope with such undealt with pervasive darkness.
  7. Grief and lost family crying over way they treated me. The Gospel coming into disrepute amongst my family of birth who need Christ. My Family deserve the creme de la creme of Christian love and attention and to be drawn into the Kingdom in jesus name.
  8. Error brothers in error theres a load of work to do legally backed by God however. I wish to be holy and blameless and well thinking on this blog
  9. Forced loss of friendship on major radio ministry and threats to another.
  10. Freedom of Speech and expression human rights are violated as is normal human intercourse. Real relating ministry wise always mean safe place at home even if problems to be worked thru etc etc.
  11. Bad atsmosphere with vibes station. 20% ofGOOD does not cancel out damage done, destroyed lives globally and relationships.
    1. Healing ministrys by right SHOULD BE EQUIPPED TO DEAL WITH THIS AND CHURCH LEADERS. God has stepped in sovereignly on this matter for me with prophecy about JESUS BEING THE HEALER WHO HEARS THE PRAYERS OF HIS PEOPLE. Being a his Person is the place to be to learn how to know Christ in His HEALING WONDER. What God has done people friends wise and understanding and pastoral minstry and church ministry and patient long term willingness to hang out in their with me beggars belief. So take hope ask for what God is doing to me if he is doing it.
    2. Liberty Savard binding and loosing avoids deep healing issues in binding wills to God. It takes one to be drawn to show devotion to God. My strategy is LORD LOVE ON ME!! (WE love because he first loved us and the sheer power of the Cross to bear sin and wounding, god loves honesty, god wants candour as it is including sexaul fantasties desires clothes etc etc)
    3. Need I go on the distortion and hatred of CCM and SEED FAITH and God this God that. A hatred of them.

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