I need to do potential awesomeness posts also tragic loss of potential

We are ugly they are here to correct us

We dont have Gospel they do and they are gonna sock it to us!

Life is not in ‘the Church’ but within the Movement.

Prophecy given of Jesus Movement arm self-amputating away from Body and hitting it (Harvestnet) Hitting rest of Body =attacks numerous accusations more fitting to Devil than rigorous discernment by the Family of God( I am reluctant to have a international perspective on this but needs must and must needs)

Awesomeness 1 We should be led into new territories with them including Joyner whose prophecies I believe dont come from God although I believe he is called of God but seriously in error.(harvestnet)

Awesomeness 2 We should be friends instead of outpouring of analysis pain and discernment because of the state of their hearts for which we are invariably forced to pay.

Awesomeness 3 a sample They should be beautiful. Even dowdy Christians look beautiful in the light of Christ ditto Ministries Churches etc( copyright all rights reservedkjah2006)

I dread to think of what will happen on the Day of Judgement when in Jesus Name their little bubble is pricked. I dread to see the look on the Alecs and Joyners faces at the wanton destructiveness of their ‘ministries’ of lives and relationships (harvestnet to whom I owe a debt) the non withdrawal of Benny Hinn (Planes requested cost $6m) and abuses and considerable problemns and difficulties caused to the i believe i hate this expression Body of Christ (yeech I hate that expresssion! and seed faith seed/need God this Holy Spirit that yeech)


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