Yippee I have an Update: Missions Week Grand Total Day Six is £960.000 falling £130.000 below Daily Target of £290.000 per day

£900.000 Grand Total Day Six of Ten Day Missions Week which could I predict be extended throughout Month of October.
Less than a sixth of the Total required. Past observations tell me this might drag on and on and CMTV output be of a lovey dovey nature. CMTV is as observed lovey dovey during Missions Weeks Fundraising Periods. Security = barstard behaviour. Insecurity troubles brings out better parts of their nature.
UK or global Viewers

£1m deficit was only met about 50% of total (talked up on God TV Guide)
7000 x 12000=total £2.9m.
£25 pwk is an extremely high percent of weekly spend that is an academic book, food spend £30 is student spend. Payment on Electricity. I think when people cool off there might be a falling off off donations and pledge fufillments as Rory and Wendy have NO comprehension of ‘the Churches’ real needs.
Holidays etc are better options. Good ministries worth giving too.
False prophets spread thru giving.
120 staff down from 160 in earlier period.
Gideons Army.
Aim for 1m supporters 1bn souls India. India is size of critical mass required to carry Movement including Evangelistic aims.
Normal ministries have n 000 viewers 1bn is abnormal.

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