I believe in all seriousness that giving to an Ministry that MISREPRESENTS CHRIST means returns wont come

You cannot dream (say you can dream smile grovel etc people!)

You cannot sow (without compulsion is important on 2 Cor 6? without COMPULSION and pressure even if its iron will to Hinn requesting £6m plane and Jesse du Plantis plane (both God TV) Everytime I gave to my Church God has done something.

You cannot fellowship darkness is them and it will take years? to shift and its a barstard job requiring at least a million souls? to make it happen.(despite of open warfare by perpetrators ie CMTV, Francipane attacks, Sermon Attacks etc The weopons are PROPHETIC IN NATURE but denying the answers.

You cannot get into NEW TERRITORY ie CCM Tastyfresh DITTO.

I cannot unite SORROWS with PERPETRATORS an impossible dream even though it needs to happen.

Where they succeed and do well David Aldous redemption on Premier more Lord! Good things are happening but its not PROBLEM KILLING and that dear folks is the problemn.

LORD know my heart and help me have YOU give me LOVE forthem that that SONG shows me is impossible. A repeat of promotional prayer needs global thoroughness to deal with the cancer afflicting them. You know LORD my lovely Lord with lovely things (shrink them real you) this is just a Kingdom nature thing. Lord you know my heart. Back me up if you in your holy Majesty and Power Judgement and Sovereignity am legally right with you.

Thank you for backing me up LORD thank you so much its a gift that is incalculable value. Thank youi for you Blood that takes rubbish from Society and individual sin help me/us

Kansas City IHOP

Rick Joyner

Uppsala Sweden (Wendy live qoute)

Plymouth Devon

dear viewer and LORD you know where this is going.

YOu at Greenbelt..

Manchester UK

amplify (their friends) voices on the Channel LIVE update. Schedule from Elijah List/ Blueprint from heaven.

instead of being FED IN POCKETS (all friends/gods prophets seers etc) be distributed WORLDWIDE demolishes destroys live update.

IN jesus name, I take Communion. life to all my lost including John and family and and and help with Character.

Please email me if this site helps. please visit

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