Criticisms and Judgements Attackings and Undermining in Music CCM CMTV

Attackings and Underminings and Criticising and Judgments in Sung Form

LOG Form so people can update it

Tunnel Rats Use of Rap
The Tribe
Cameron Dante TA Project attack on me avoiding confronting me and having a chat about it mediocre music justly critiqued and dealt with. Good stuff and good attitude gets on.
Cross Rhythms Experiences as a Vehicle.for cursing dismantling of undesirable works with accusing music and soundbites Brenan Manning Curse by Cross R of desires expectations and plans ‘so that you can sing and dance in the powerlessness of a child’ To me which knocked me for six over what the Lord WANTED for me to build me up and heal me etc (As if!!)
Edward John Find me guilty Title Track (ban from thinking another act of avoidance by God TV Staffers who incidently are musicians)
WWMT use it too.
MUSIC is used instead of conversation. So much healing and exposing of it is required.
I now only watch Revelation and RmusicTV although I want every flava of music and not just non stop Gospel which saturates the Christian TV market.
With Rmusic I can sing along, get to know artists etc and behave like an normal person.
Fan ship is Gods design too. Fans do not have JUSTICE compared to musos empowered by resources can write albums like Audiolessonover Delirious. No voice exists for fans to express similar messages on the same if not greater scale.
The Tribe B Boys


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