Abnormal Behaviours spirituality

PRAY FOR XXXX YYYY ZZ from experience prayer isnt as it is when you support any other Ministry or Church. Usaul prayer at my local Church and for Mission on TFM is satisfying even though it has other Agendas (except when prayer is alienating and stereotypical*).

They dont have the PRAYER THEY NEED or PRAY THE PRAYERS THEY NEED TO PRAY DUE TO PROPHETIC CONSTRAINSTS OF IMPLEMENTING JOYNER DOCTRINE AS ‘NEW MOVEMENT’ in Cities eg Stoke on Trent,Manchester, Newcastle local hotbeds of conscripting Church leaders and members onto their latest ‘groundbreaking project’

In the style of Harvestnet I believe God TV is to be rebuked and does NOT represent Christ Jesus in his magnificence to the Church or those outside. Lord protect me and all who I love near and far thank you Lord that I seem to get away with it and they seem to want to contact me (denied I only do SAFE)


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