The Church Split

The Church Split

The Governmental Goals of God TV

Thursday, 12 October 2006
10:22:41 PM

Evidence of

This particular split has many distinguishing characteristics.

1. It consists of THEIR FRIENDS and theologically it is constituted by THEIR THEOLOGY which as we know is RICK JOYNER. Rick Joyner is the brains behind the movement and the raison de’ etre for all their activities. If one examines Joyner in detail you will discover that the prophetic basis for the split is more based on imagination and fantasies of Government than I believe an actual call from God.
2. The form of Independence is deliberately non relational to Denominations AND STREAMS eg Soul Survivor, Sublime etc and is governmental in nature. Government operates via PIONEERING of new ministries THE TROJAN HORSES and making a case for their continued or new support.
3. Governmental goals include taking Cross Rhythms Festival nationwide in UK with various regional Festivals; the Liberty Centres Gilead and Cross Rhythms collaboration nationwide; and if you listen MESSAGE TO SCHOOLS andINNERVATION have both national and GLOBAL ambitions.
4. The Church Split is never questioned or taken into account. Their hidden hatred of the Church is never revealed except in their continued separation from us.
5. Oh that viewers net users would see visible manifest hatred against us instead of subtle lies and self deception.
FRIENDSHIP IS A HIGHER VALUE THAN THE PROPER CONDUCT OF THE PROPHETIC. So Word Faith Compromised Prophetic unhumble unrepresentative of Christ prophetic is there for all to see.


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