Dismantling in Action Joyner P60 The Harvest Style

8. We all have a problem when delegations of Kansas City Fellowship “prophets” visit other churches and prophesy for them to close their doors:

From the testimony of a local elder board: “We thought you might be interested in knowing that on June 22, 1986, three “prophets” from Kansas City Fellowship were invited to our church. Among other things, they each prophesied that the Lord had told them that – the church was to disband, that we had no right to challenge the prophecy, and that if we failed to heed the prophecy, ‘Ichabod’ (the glory has departed) would be written above our door!” (See Section VI)
9. We all have a problem when outlandish and preposterous nonsense is taught and promoted as deep spiritual truth, such as the following:
* “Everyone must pass under the ‘Shepherd’s rod’ once a year.” (Bob Jones)
* “They were 1000 of the religious leaders that have (been) doing this, that was appointed to death…they’ll die this next year.” (Bob Jones)
* “We can learn to interpret 99% to 100% of our dreams by recording them and figuring out our personal ‘dream alphabet’ of symbols.” (John Paul Jackson)


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