Conversation Habits/Patterns of Dream on TV Staff

Monday, 22 May 2006
5:44:12 PM

‘’We like it we like it’’ Emma Owen
London Project has fallen through but God TV are persisting with dreams of London Office to stop haemorrhaging of charity funding. May 22nd 2006 Dream on TV

”Thats what I was hoping you would say” David Aldous in Depth.

Control of their Guests Behaviours. Seeds of Destruction are out in the open.
Audience applause 10x show.
‘’ I think they are xxxx’’
Emma punctuates show with laughter and requests for Applause from a passive meek obedient Audience.
Guests have to give right answer. Chris Cole insisting on his point of view to Danny Brierley of Oasis.
Black or White with secret Grey!!
Over panning of Emma or presiding Presenter.
Presenter views dominate visual horizon at various angles. Would you wish to meet this lot on a dark night Y/N?
Out of date not Up to Date Conferences self-revelation.
Their favoured approved Ministries Up to Date.
Look out for Jennifer Hughes control of poor old JaccquieValequez where Hughes forcefully claps offensively at Valequez face the look is obvious. Jacquie if you read this say how wonderful they are etc hide your feelings. It seems maybe I can get away with pouring it all out but other cant but i know all their weapons.
Sermon material, songs, CMTV, etc Dream on TV Agendas geared up to Ministry First Agenda.
Friends and Relatives are on. Non-Friends i.e. normal Christian Ministries and normal Ministry Relationships are a big NO NO. Seed of Destruction No 2
Phil 1 quote Prison quote Rory Alec says He is suffering in Prison.
Songs are used instead of Conversation.
Does Forum God TV exist anymore.
Audiences are mates. Sofa in Studio is empty.
Wonderful to their Friends (10th Anniversary Celebration in Israel) Absolute Morons to us. Socially inept, incapable, uncomfortable.
Rory Alec and Team are NOT COMFORTABLE in a church Setting ie denomination and Stream setting.
Seed 3 Church Split but not effective Church Split i.e providing a new Model of relating to Christ.


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