The GGGT Predictor on GTV Live America Live etc

  1. GTV will feature their mates (Linz God TV Presenter who has this radiant integrity (Chris Cole Dream on TV) AND stuff featured on Dream on TV
  2. Contrary views contradicting politically dictated will not be allowed. Watch Emma and Linz behaviour. All ‘Dream on TV’ presenters make Case Studies in Control and Manipulation and in making First Class Thought Police. (eg DO NOT customise your Message to Schools T shirt with united CRAP Broadcasters otherwise  you will be shown the Exit). Political correctness and control reigns here.
  3. Cummings attacks those pointing out Pat Robertson sins. And radiant integrity is defined as how chummy you can be to Chris Cole and Cummings and Co. You may think they are self centred Barstards but thou shalt grovel.
  4. Because they lack ideas they are watching Revelation TV instead. RTV leads the way and God TV follows.
  5. America Live and UK live are amalgamations of Missions week footage and PR stunts.
  6. Stage managed viewers ie Scandinavia to put pressure on viewers in situ at home.

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