6000 live total hours versus gross output of average Christian Channels

I think questions ought to be asked.

6000 (correction Sorry!)versus 100.000 elsewhere? other Christian Channels I must make a calculation.

Other Christian Channels provide Plumb line to evalate Live Hours.

Attitudes and availability and genuine problem-solving is another key indicator.

God TV personnel dont have character nessesary to deal with innumerable problemns and difficulties they present to the Family of God, Whoever, Whereever, However.

It is an international issue and they rightly deserve rebuke.

It is time to stop worshipping at the Shrine of Youth and to see their sins ie Raze Cover Up by above. Joyner ‘restoring’ their mates who slide into sin. Joyners distortion of Restoration ministry.

LIVE means non avoidance of viewers. When will people see how they avoid behaving as NORMAL SECULAR Broadcasters do?


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