Solutions !!!

Solutions: From TROUBLE to SALVATION and HOPE


God of Hope pray in literally incomprehensible.
I have prayed for you so that your faith will not fail you in a time of testing and intense trial. (Jesus with Kate expansion) ditto.
En masse
Shedding of binding our our wills to their will and purpose.

My Dissertation

Rick Joyner God TV Solutions Generation Report

Jan 2nd 2006

Clique led (EA Report Insight!!)

Prophetic has led to scandals and discrediting of the Ministries no matter how much they wish to hide and deny it.
Scandals must stopped.
The cliques are impenetratable.
Undiscerned giftings and ministries has meant congregational suffering eg Folly’s End, the case of Bickle EX KCP, giving up of pastorates in favour of ‘first love’ of evangelism (Dave Markee Folly’s End ex Folly’s End website statement of call to TV ministries rather than local church based ministry TV is more appealing by far than pastoral drudgery of maintaining a local congregation).

DANGER DANGER DANGER they are using the River of God as a toilet so the Saints can’t drink. They and their allies (all).
Reaching out to world in social concern and evangelism poses life stresses and questions, puts them in Leader Position and conveniently BYPASSES the Church the source of all their woes as they mistakenly perceive.
Backsliding every week at Church means they had not consistent growth in Christian life and so are not understanding Bible truths otherwise they would be reasonable, deep etc (deep teaching required), Hinn would go back to Bible School to be taught the truths of the Faith and damage limited to his period in TV ‘office;.
This should be LIFE but DEATH reigns.
Reliance on Words and verbal input. Christian silence is not even a factor.
They are never quiet and shut up!!
Proper appropriation of the Blood of Christ (Andrew Murray Reference Text?)plus deep understanding and resolving of problems and difficulties they have created and proper supervised Restitution and Reparation, Strong Biblical Leaders in the Spirit and strong ‘words’ ie GREAT Salvation Healthy church *God of Hope Brian Houston**ARE necessary. I will BUILD MY CHURCH AND THE GATES OF HELL SHALL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST IT NEEDS TO BE OPENLY VISIBLE DEEP REALITY.
This Scripture does not happen with false doctrine, misrepresentation of Christ etc rather such visible evidence if you have eyes to see and ears to hear (Revelation) is indicative of the lack of contact with the HOLY Blood of Christ and Christ our High Priests unerring ability ?? to apply to our lives.
Climate of Fear and spiritual pussyfooting the EMASCULATION of Leaders AND difficulties needing Member anointing’s gracing etc AS MUCH AS LEADERS.
Reasonable concerns are ignored. Emails deleted etc to their folly.
False creations create CREATION NEED PRESSURES.
We are made to create SUCCESSFUL CREATIONS!( Gen 1)
High pressure tactics are elicited on all fronts LIST to solicit funds, support etc the worst is using music as a means of avoiding personal confrontation of issues. Instead there is a resort to the Studio (Recording TV Radio) to solve problems. Hence by causing gross difficulties to recipients (an unerring ability to be personal and subsume all resources and intentions to this end Manchester Gig Cameron and company example if the motivation is there).
Merchandising and promotion of their Personnel Musicians (Edward John Jennifer Hughes, Jesse Markee, Chris Coles children, Message to Schools siblings and spouses and Friends eg Frank and Debra Green our mates Charity they need £65.000 by next Tuesday sort of thing).
Issues of the heart are avoided in favour of unsurrendered Ministry Expansion Plans. The plans for 1bn souls is not borne out with statistics of persons coming to Christ so motives are suspect.
Hidden agenda evidence Rick Joyner theology which they ‘walk the talk’ on to use Chris Cole phraseology.
Cole is full of cliches and surface monologue. Dream on TV guests have to toe line. Cole is visibly uncomfortable with them as are the whole God TV Staff and attitude of God TV Rick Joyner who NEVER face out to audience.
Albums fall of problem-solving by recourse to the Studio are endemic.
Delirious Audiolessonover (no attention is even made to AUDIENCE problems given by CCM*output
Cam Dante TA Project a diatribe against me instead of personal confrontation meeting etc and gulp getting on!!
Edward John Find me guilty.
The use of rapping Christian thuggery to use as proxy communication BYPASSING ACTUAL human to human let alone mass communication. HOW TO BYPASS DEAL WITH??

God TV’s ministry is full of self deceptions and finger pointing.
UCB is fully behind God TV link to Robbie Frawley taken down and to Rick Joyner Conference sponsorship in Manchester.
Expansionistic ideas are carried forward without consultation with Church Leadership and or Membership and dealing first hand in an proper manner with DIFFICULTIES created . (Harvestnet)
The higher you go in terms of ‘influence’ (Rory and Wendy Alecs description for prayer Broadcast) the greater the fall/damage to both Christian and non Christian public.
An Evangelists passion does not equate to doctrinal purity or orthopraxy especially as it relates to the Church.
Loving the Church precedes and envelopes all evangelistic concern. Financial strategy must be shaped with this in mind.
High figure financial demands issued with out consultation of supporters puts them under immense pressure to fulfill them.
A church under God no matter if it has problems IS provided for financially by God so Folly’s End is in error to ask the public to fund them.
From orthopraxic Church to doctrinal error and prophetic misrepresentation as an direct result of Church Split,
Church split is behind all doctrinal error, misrepresentation of Christ, and all problems and difficulties created for the Church to handle (Chris Cole openly spoke on ‘Dream on TV’ of Church Leaders having to pick up the pieces) and the problems need exposing in only too many contexts and cultures from whence they originate.
The adult whose only purpose is to ‘pray say pay’ (on demand by Rory and Wendy Alec and other key players such as Chris Cole) is assaulted of meaning as a person/persons who can make an impact on the World/Church; instead this role is delegated to the ‘Next Generation’ who are superheros incapable of sinning, error and embarrassing falls. (The case of the Fall of Raze and Message to Schools response to it which took NO account of damage done by Raze members, God Tv still plays their videos despite the fact it was an sexual abuse case).
Literally its not WHAT you know but what YOU know that does not mean GOD!! Multiple pressures on CCM and Dance Musicianaries to take up CR Mailing List etc. FRIENDS ONLY OF LONG STANDING are featured on the Show.

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