How God TV Shapes the Vison of ourselves

How God TV shapes our vision of ourselves


Analyzing God TV as mass media input.(Academic input is crucial in this in creating objectivity) Academia proper ought to be endorsed by them high prestigious but it isnt.

Heavy Shepherding streamed as CMTV and prophetic output.

Viewer passivity is assumed except when required to play an active and pro-active role in making the purposes of God TV go forward on and up.
Rory Alec praying and all the people said amen is such an amen.

Submitted viewer who pays prays says who with utter devotion scribbles endless pages dictated by the God TV Prophets.

NO Awkward Difficult questions God TV’s governmental authority must not be called into question by Church Leaders and Members.
The prophetic emasculted leaders and prophetic people. I am myself and they cant touch me even though I dont know how to get back my links.

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